Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Bread!

You may remember the bricks that I baked several weeks ago as I attempted a recipe for whole wheat bread. On the second attempt, the bread rose much higher on the second rise, and is nearly twice as high as the original loaf (yes, I saved it for comparison! That bread will now be used to feed some ducks).

I did encounter one other problem during the second attempt. While the loaf rose much higher, it fell in the center.

See the crack and indentation? That's where the bubble was.

The problem was a huge air bubble that developed in the center. When I punched the bread down after the first rise, I didn't get all of the big air bubbles.

Fortunately for the internet, I found Rose Levy Beranbaum's blog. She is a master baker and has several videos posted on her website, and one was about creating loaves of bread.

Last night when I baked bread, I made sure to dimple it before rolling it into a loaf-- the bread was fine and did not fall this time!

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